The Company

It all starter over half a century ago, when Mr. Domenico Gioia bought from an Italo-American man a grocery store, in which he not only sold several products but he was also used to roast raw coffee, to create handicraft blends and handmade packaging.

So far, passion and devotion for this activity have not changed: they have favoured the continuous technological innovation research, without omit the usual care that has always marked the company in the creation of very high qualities blends. Thanks to the quality of its products, the company is nowadays present in more than 40 countries of all the five continents, including East Europe, Middle East and Mediterranean area’s countries, taking advantage of the opportunities offered to PMI to expand among difficult markets.

In years the company has been object of several societary transformations and the whole Caffè Domenico Gioia s.r.l. production and commercialization activity has been absorbed by Labcaffè s.r.l., a company of the same group created in 2002 with the purpose to reorganize the distribution of the mother company who works successfully in the field since 1949.

The company  foresees on the international scene participating in the principal fairs of sector, with the purpose to strengthen the notoriety of the mark and the diffusion of the products in the world, among these: the S.I.A.L. and the D.A. Expo in Paris, ALIMENTARIA in Barcelona and Moscow, HOREXPO  in Lisbon,  the ANUGA and the EUVEND in Cologne IFE, AREX and HOTELYMPIA in London, the Food Fair of Monaco, “Bravo Italia” and the World Food in Kiev, the FANCY FOOD in New York, the S.I.A.L. of  Shanghai, the GO LOCAL and the FOODEX in Tokyo. To add the Alimentary Fairs of sector in Italy of international fame, among which the Venditalia in Milan, the M.I.A. of Rimini and the Cibus in Parma.

Labcaffè s.r.l., besides, as international company, has  achieved through the years certification  H.A.C.C.P.(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Program), Gosstandardt for Russian market and others internationals certifications, Kosher, Organic, and has extended since many years the quality management system ISO 9001.

It is a real pleasure for us of  Labcaffè s.r.l., to introduce our products in the world, contributing to the popularization and to the cult of authentic Italian coffee of quality.  


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