The Production

The necessity of quality of the product let Labcaffè  produce in own factories, situated in the territory of Campania region, where the culture  of high quality coffee (which nowadays is recompensed on the market) has always been deep.

The Company, owner of 5000 squared meters factories, invested in advanced machines which are able to roast raw coffee ecologically. The ecological roasting allow to obtain a uniform roasting from the deepest part of the coffee bean to the outside, in order to get a cup of a sweeter and more aromatic coffee. The ecological roasting is made through directed clean and hot air flows which preheat the green coffee in order to avoid the thermal shock during the roasting. This process is made in total absence of  burning smokes, unlike the traditional roasting machines.

Thanks to the selection, the careful dosage of the most precious coffees Arabica and Robusta, and the precision of the handmade works, the product are located in the middle-high segment.

The green coffee, lately joint to the company, is selected by type, divided into different samplings and analyzed in the laboratory, after a first visual exam. After the riddling, green coffee-beans are cleaned, eventually, before the processing, there is a  final test of the product. After this test, the coffee is stocked by quality in the silos, containing several qualities and quantities of coffee, depending on the periodical demand and the kinds of coffee requested for the blend.

The company has always be oriented to the continuous research of quality, starting from the selection of the most valuable coffees, Arabica and Robusta, coming from the main producer countries of South America, central and Caribbean America, Africa and Asia.

Pride of our company, is the production of single “coffee pods” in filter paper, which takes place in a protected atmosphere by means of inert food gases, such as nitrogen and carbonic dioxide, with the format of 42 mm ,  38mm, double pod and plastic capsules.Caffè Domenico Gioia first and Labcaffè later, have always differentiated their offer depending on the customer’s needs and satisfaction.